Submission Manager is an online system for accepting and managing written submissions for magazines and presses. It’s easy to use and flexible enough to work with any submission and reading process. Submission Manager allows you to:

Staff have the ability to:

Top-level editors have the same privileges as staff, and can also:

This user-friendly system allows submitters to log their own address information into the database and log into their account to see the status of their submission. Upon submitting, all submitters receive automatic emails confirming that a submission has been received.

System Requirements:

The complete Documentation is available, as well as a Live Demo. Please contact Devin Emke for details.

Submission Manager is available for free on GitHub. Click the green Code button (upper right) and choose “Download ZIP”.

If you are already a Submission Manager user, and need to update to the latest version, please download from GitHub and follow the Update Instructions.

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Submission Manager
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